see its more than just the words,

its the belief, its a lifestyle, its a choice, its a mindset, its the oneness with your lord, it broadens right through to the way you walk and talk, its your gaze, its your nafs, its the purity, its that spiritual high, its the thoughts that utter through your mind, and that heart that pounds so silently, its the fear and realization, its our ummah and its our people, its global and its shared, its what you see in the sky, those stars which sit perfectly, its the light in the darkness, its the pain and then the ease, its love and of course its the peace. 

been endlessly searching for something more, for just a taste, i’m craving just..

in need of a spiritual teacher. a guider. someone who can teach me about islam…

In need of guidance, direction. 

I still haven’t found a job. I just don’t understand. I’m clearly doing something incorrect during the application process.

bloody hell being in hospital just slowed down the whole process even more

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