i’m so tired of my people dying man.

so tired of hearing us people of colour always getting killed, massacred.

i’m just so tired.

when does the pain stop?


Bosnia, Morocco, Yemen, Spain and Turkey protesting for Palestine’s freedom

rip man. 

I can’t cope with this…

your laugh and happiness will always be remembered.

I just



me to westerners:

omg you take your husband’s name after marriage? that’s so oppressive. so you’re like his property? he can do anything he wants with you? *whispers* is it a religion thing?

you put your parents in senior homes? that’s so backwards and heartless. is it a…


god gifted me with thick eyebrows of dark hair and for that reason i am #blessed to have endured my awkward eyebrow phase that every brown girl goes through as a preteen when she is unaware of how to handle and fully embrace this incredible power of having amazing natural brows that need no eyebrow pencil magic

sisters don’t let sisters tweeze their eyebrows into oblivion out of shame and embarrassment caused by white girls with nonexistent eyebrows

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"We either live free or we die here."

A Palestinian in Gaza, from this interview with BBC (quote begins at 2 minutes)

Extended quote:

Palestinian man: “We either live free or we die here.”

Interviewer: “What about the argument that if Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel—”

Palestinian man: “No, no, this is not an argument. We have lived under blockade for the last seven years. We have been deprived for the last seven years. Don’t talk to me about rockets that is so tiny small. Look at this! [motioning to rubble of a destroyed neighborhood] This is a nonsense argument. We didn’t start it, they started it. In the 2008 agreement they fulfilled nothing. 2012 agreement, they fulfilled nothing. Why should we believe this time the ceasefire when they say let’s negotiate? Negotiating with the Israelis is a waste of time.”

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A Palestinian kid saying why they don’t want to make peace with Zionists.
Do you need another reason now?

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I am not worried for the souls of the children who freeze and starve to death in Syria. They roam freely in the gardens of paradise.

My heart aches for their mothers who upon looking at their cherub’s lifeless body must wish to cease living themselves out of grief. But still, I am not worried…

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