teri galliyan, galliyan teri galliyan.., mujhko bahvein, galliyan teri galliyan…

Be in this world, as if you were a traveller or stranger …

today this lil white girl from infant school (4-7yr olds). asked me why I was brown

I told her because the sun loves me… 

I just thew up everything I ate for sehri. FFS MAN. 

why this shit gotta have to happen to me. 

gonna go pray fajr .ughh

how am I gonna survive tomorrow. 

need to start going taraweeh again. feel like im missing out big time. 

fasts are so long, its so damn hard to remain focused and then catch up on sleep the next day. ya illahi, min fadlikk make it easyy

im going after tomorrow. I don’t even care. inshalllahhhh. 

"After every darkness is light."

Afghan proverb (via hadeiadel)

(Source: antieverythingism, via hadeiadel)

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